Mingalabar Myanmar!

It’s a strange feeling to arrive at mid-semester break in February – before VUW has even started it’s academic year back home, but that’s exactly where I found myself two weeks ago when I set off on my first large-scale Asian adventure. Myanmar, otherwise known as Burma, is a country that has only opened up … Continue reading

Valparaíso – more than your average port city

Three days after arriving in Santiago, Chile for my exchange I headed off to the port city of Valparaíso. I went with a Brazilian –Ricardo– who spoke only Portuguese and a kiwi –Ally– who I’d met at the airport. Our ramshackle travelling party turned out to be the perfect fit for Valparaíso, a city which, … Continue reading

Starting Fresh

It’s a somewhat alarming thought: that you can pack up your entire life and start again at your own choosing, anytime, anywhere. My friend sent me a poem recently that reads “Do I dare disturb the universe? In a minute there is time for decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse” There was a … Continue reading

Snow, exams and carnival.

Snow storms have been rolling across the lake and leaving the city shrouded in a silent silvery veil of snow. The semester ends in a week and everyone seems hidden away studying.

Malacca and Thaipusam

People always told me that things would slow down once I got settled into my new life here and that the craziness of living abroad would subside. It turns out ‘people’ were wrong. Now, as well as living the high-energy life of being a full-time tourist, I also get the added demands of being a … Continue reading

“You never try, you never know!”

After over two weeks of  trying – and mostly failing – to fit in as a Singaporean local, I’ve finally received my immigration pass from the Singapore government and I’m cleared to leave the country and begin exploring Southeast Asia! First stop this weekend: Malaysia. But, even as I plan my overseas travel, I am … Continue reading

One United People

Yesterday marked one week since I first stepped foot in Singapore; and my time here has already convinced me, 100%, without a shadow of doubt that studying abroad was the best decision I could have made for 2015. It’s through my week here that I’ve come to understand something that only an exchange could have … Continue reading

Bonne Année!

I spent the winter break from university in France, feasting upon the greatest salmon I had ever experienced, sipping white wine and watching the frost slowly creep over solitary blades of grass, which were quivering like some

Welcome to Singapore!

Hi everyone – just a wee post to say that I have arrived at my new home on the tropical island of Singapore! My flight here took 10 hours, which is 7 hours longer than any other flight I have ever taken. And, to add to my experience, it was the first time I’ve flown … Continue reading

Winter Weihnachten und Glühwein!

Winter is creeping into Konstanz, the air has a chill and the mountains brood silently in the mournful gloom of the lake, lonesome clouds travel along the sky like some discordant cry leaving the landscape neath a sunless sky. Despite the darkness and the cold, winter in Konstanz has a beauty in its stillness, walking … Continue reading