The workers have nothing to lose but their chains!

Upon landing in France at 10pm on an inky cold night, we proceeded straight to Fête de l’Humanité an annual music festival in Paris with overt political overtones. Alpha Blondy and Massive Attack were headlining, and the entire spectacle was masterfully orchestrated by the communist party of France. It appears they deem it necessary to … Continue reading

Rugged charms in Portugal.

We arrived in Lisbon in the early hours of the morning, strolling through the streets looking for a hostel, I could hear the faint twang of guitar strings and smell the heavy scent of salted cod fish as I approached my lodgings. I don´t know if it was the sun or the air, but my … Continue reading

Merry Christmas, the war is over!

And I am on my way to France, travelling at top speed over the border I have the chance to say good bye and good riddance to Konstanz – but just for a while. The first stop will be Paris, staying in an apartment near the verdant Luxembourg gardens. I spent just under a week … Continue reading


Unfortunately due to technical difficulties beyond my control, followed by an extended holiday without access to a computer this entry is a little late. July marks the end of the semester at Konstanz university, several people are tied up with exams, essays and all the bureaucratic tasks required when leaving university. Aside from the usual … Continue reading

Cultural rumblings in Kreuzberg.

“Everybody seems to think I’m lazy I don’t mind, I think they’re crazy Running everywhere at such a speed Till they find there’s no need (There’s no need)” I think I may have developed an allergic reaction to exertion. My body has broken out in a violent rash, I feel ill and unclean, impotence looms, … Continue reading

Farewell, 再見, all that.

Farewell, 再見, all that.

How do you spend five months in Hong Kong, adopting a new lifestyle and bunch of cool international friends, and then go on to deal with the shock of returning home? If you’re me, you don’t. Instead, you spend a month in Europe as a ‘transition period’. I treat myself too well. For a vice, it’s not a bad … Continue reading

Spring Break Y’all (Part Two)

Spring Break Y’all (Part Two)

So, this part two is incredibly belated, which means the details will be a bit more fuzzy than they already would be, but I’ll give it my best shot. We left off with the group sleeping in the van after an unsuccessful attempt to drive up a snowy road. The next morning, we headed back to … Continue reading