Scandinavian X factor

Scandinavian X factor

The title of my blog is more-or-less a direct quote from a lonely planet guide my grandma bought me for Christmas! I haven’t actually been to other Scandinavian cites yet but apparently Copenhagen is “cool kid on the Scandinavian block”. After a long and draining 26 hour trip, multiple movies, and a lot of weird … Continue reading

Getting into the Chilean groove takes some work

Nosebleeds from the heat, struggling to read Pinocchio in Spanish, sharing a kitchen with 18 people – it isn’t all fun and games in Chile folks. Since returning from Valparaíso, and attempting to settle into student life in Santiago, reality has abruptly intruded on my expectations of what it would be like to live abroad. … Continue reading

E-Learning from Thailand

What do you suppose would happen if disaster struck and your university campus was forced to shut down for an indefinite amount of time? Well, NUS tested this exact theory last week with a self-imposed ‘E-Learning Week’, and us students as the guinea pigs. Turns out, it works pretty well… Or maybe that’s just because … Continue reading

Home Land and Sea!

I left Konstanz in early dawn, my last night there we strolled through the snowy old town towards the lake, which was illuminated by a ribbon of moonlight, arcing through the dark water, bending and receding in accordance with even the tiniest ripples and disturbances of the lake. The trees were still leafless, which somehow … Continue reading

Mingalabar Myanmar!

It’s a strange feeling to arrive at mid-semester break in February – before VUW has even started its academic year back home, but that’s exactly where I found myself two weeks ago when I set off on my first large-scale Asian adventure. Myanmar, otherwise known as Burma, is a country that has only properly opened … Continue reading

Valparaíso – more than your average port city

Three days after arriving in Santiago, Chile for my exchange I headed off to the port city of Valparaíso. I went with a Brazilian –Ricardo– who spoke only Portuguese and a kiwi –Ally– who I’d met at the airport. Our ramshackle travelling party turned out to be the perfect fit for Valparaíso, a city which, … Continue reading

Starting Fresh

It’s a somewhat alarming thought: that you can pack up your entire life and start again at your own choosing, anytime, anywhere. My friend sent me a poem recently that reads “Do I dare disturb the universe? In a minute there is time for decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse” There was a … Continue reading

Snow, exams and carnival.

Snow storms have been rolling across the lake and leaving the city shrouded in a silent silvery veil of snow. The semester ends in a week and everyone seems hidden away studying.

Malacca and Thaipusam

People always told me that things would slow down once I got settled into my new life here and that the craziness of living abroad would subside. It turns out ‘people’ were wrong. Now, as well as living the high-energy life of being a full-time tourist, I also get the added demands of being a … Continue reading

“You never try, you never know!”

After over two weeks of  trying – and mostly failing – to fit in as a Singaporean local, I’ve finally received my immigration pass from the Singapore government and I’m cleared to leave the country and begin exploring Southeast Asia! First stop this weekend: Malaysia. But, even as I plan my overseas travel, I am … Continue reading