“You never try, you never know!”

After over two weeks of  trying – and mostly failing – to fit in as a Singaporean local, I’ve finally received my immigration pass from the Singapore government and I’m cleared to leave the country and begin exploring Southeast Asia! First stop this weekend: Malaysia. But, even as I plan my overseas travel, I am … Continue reading

One United People

Yesterday marked one week since I first stepped foot in Singapore; and my time here has already convinced me, 100%, without a shadow of doubt that studying abroad was the best decision I could have made for 2015. It’s through my week here that I’ve come to understand something that only an exchange could have … Continue reading

Bonne Année!

I spent the winter break from university in France, feasting upon the greatest salmon I had ever experienced, sipping white wine and watching the frost slowly creep over solitary blades of grass, which were quivering like some

Welcome to Singapore!

Hi everyone – just a wee post to say that I have arrived at my new home on the tropical island of Singapore! My flight here took 10 hours, which is 7 hours longer than any other flight I have ever taken. And, to add to my experience, it was the first time I’ve flown … Continue reading

Winter Weihnachten und Glühwein!

Winter is creeping into Konstanz, the air has a chill and the mountains brood silently in the mournful gloom of the lake, lonesome clouds travel along the sky like some discordant cry leaving the landscape neath a sunless sky. Despite the darkness and the cold, winter in Konstanz has a beauty in its stillness, walking … Continue reading


My last stop before heading back to Konstanz was Rennes, capital of Brittany near the west coast of France. The Brittany influence can be felt everywhere, from the charming little pubs to the bitter apple cider and the old Celtic languages – Britany and Gaul. The city reminded me of a medieval Wellington, the centre … Continue reading

The workers have nothing to lose but their chains!

Upon landing in France at 10pm on an inky cold night, we proceeded straight to Fête de l’Humanité an annual music festival in Paris with overt political overtones. Alpha Blondy and Massive Attack were headlining, and the entire spectacle was masterfully orchestrated by the communist party of France. It appears they deem it necessary to … Continue reading

Rugged charms in Portugal.

We arrived in Lisbon in the early hours of the morning, strolling through the streets looking for a hostel, I could hear the faint twang of guitar strings and smell the heavy scent of salted cod fish as I approached my lodgings. I don´t know if it was the sun or the air, but my … Continue reading

Merry Christmas, the war is over!

And I am on my way to France, travelling at top speed over the border I have the chance to say good bye and good riddance to Konstanz – but just for a while. The first stop will be Paris, staying in an apartment near the verdant Luxembourg gardens. I spent just under a week … Continue reading